HPT12 PIT Tags

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Biomark HPT12

#1 Selling Fisheries & Wildlife PIT tag

12.5mm 134.2 kHz ISO FDX-B.

Implanter & Needle sizes: MK7 OR MK10 with N125 needle.

This is the highest performing RFID tag on the market today for fish and wildlife research in a 12mm size These tags are encapsulated in biocompatible glass and provide 100% unique identification. The tags are available in various packaging options to meet your specific application needs and budget. All Biomark PIT tags are ISO 11784 and 11785 compliant and ICAR approved.

The HPT12 is the most versatile size and good for most applications.

Biomark HPT12 Pre-load

This product is the BIOMARK HPT12 tag preloaded in a single use needle. The tags are secured inside the needle so there is no worrying about tags falling out of the needle before implanting.